How to Change The Default Emoji Picker Shortcut on macOS


⌨️ "The emoji picker shortcut on macOS is hard to grasp", some of you said.

🤔 What if you could change it?

💡 Turns out it's easier than we thought. Buckle up!

Go to System Preferences 👉🏼 Keyboard 👉🏼 Shortcuts Tab 👉🏼 App Shortcuts.

Press the "+" icon to add our custom shortcut. Then make sure we fill it this way:

  • 🔶 Application: All Applications
  • 🔶 Menu Title: Emoji & Symbols
  • 🔶 Keyboard Shortcut: It's up to you!

Pretty easy right?

Change keyboard shortcut

Now try it yourself. ğŸ˜Ž

👋🏼 Pro tip: Shift+Cmd+Space is easier for your hands. They don't have to go to the very bottom of the keyboard.

And.., that's it for now!

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